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Awards Committee
Henry D. Petry, D.O., FACOFP, Chair
The Awards Committee shall have as its primary responsibility the consideration of candidates and nominees for all awards enumerated in the MAOPS Bylaws including Honorary Life and Life Membership, Distinguished Service Award, and such other special awards established by the Board. The committee's recommendations of award recipients shall be approved by the Board of Trustees. Selection of nominees for all awards shall be made on the basis of excellence, professional expertise, conduct, and service to the osteopathic profession in Missouri.

Auxiliary Coordinator
Timothy W. Jennings, D.O., Liasion
The Auxiliary Coordinator may be appointed by the President, subject to confirmation by the Board of Trustees. The Auxiliary Coordinator shall be the official representative of MAOPS to the Auxiliary to the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, and shall serve as advisor, communicating to the Auxiliary the policies, plans, and goals of MAOPS. The coordinator shall assist in the development and planning of the Auxiliary programs and projects which compliments those of MAOPS. The term of office of the Auxiliary Coordinator shall continue until the coordinator is appropriately and formally replaced. The Coordinator is established only in those years when the Association or Auxiliary believes it will serve MAOPS and AMAOPS.

Budget & Finance Committee
Joseph M. Yasso, Jr., D.O., FACOFP, Chair
The Budget & Finance Committee shall review the annual budget or revisions therein, prepared by the Executive Director, making such changes deemed appropriate, and shall present the budget for approval to the Board of Trustees. The Budget & Finance Committee also reports to the House of Delegates on the fiscal ramifications of proposed resolutions. Periodically during the fiscal year, the Committee shall review the status of the budget and recommend, in coordination with the Executive Director, changes therein.

Bylaws Committee
Kenneth E. Ross, D.O, Chair
The Bylaws Committee's purpose is to review the Association Bylaws periodically to assure they remain current and meet the needs of the Association and its membership.

General Convention Committee Chair
Henry D. Petry, D.O., FACOFP, Chair

Program Chair
C. Lee Parks, D.O., Chair

Health Care Reform Task Force
Jeffrey Dryden, D.O., FACOI, CPE, Chair

Ethics & Professional Relations Committee
Conrad S. Balcer, D.O., FACOI, Chair
The purpose of the Ethics & Professional Relations Committee is to evaluate and prepare policy positions of the Association on wide ranging topics that affect the osteopathic profession, membership, and/or the health care of the citizens of Missouri. The President and/or his/her designee will oversee the Committee.

The Committee will submit recommendations to the Executive Committee for their review and recommendation to the MAOPS Board of Trustees, for final action. All policies established by the Committee in between the Annual House of Delegates meetings will be submitted to the House of Delegates, annually for review, consideration and final approval.

The Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on questions of medical competency and/or acceptable medical practice of Association members.

Health Information Technology Committee
Carl G. Bynum, D.O., Chair
Bruce R. Williams, D.O., Co-Chair
The Health Information Technology Committee's mission is to utilize technology to enhance interaction between the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, its membership, and the public.

The goals of the Committee are to improve MAOPS effectiveness and efficiency, meet the needs of MAOPS members and decrease Association expense. The objectives of the Committee include expanding MAOPS electronic communication, reducing paper communications by the Association, providing members with the capability to pay fees and register electronically, and offer speakers increased capabilities during educational meetings, generating savings which would offset the cost of equipment and services necessary to improve electronic communications.

State Legislative Committee
Richard M. Secor, D.O.

Judicial Committee
The Judicial Committee shall examine and render decisions on questions of ethics, membership qualifications and grievances. The Committee shall consider identified written complaints from any source pertaining to professional misconduct of members of this Association.

The term "professional misconduct" shall include any willful violation of the Code of Ethics; and any unprofessional, fraudulent, dishonorable, or immoral conduct whether or not related to the practice of osteopathic medicine or surgery, regardless of whether said act or acts may constitute an offense under the criminal statutes of the State of Missouri.

The Committee shall follow the procedure as stated in the Bylaws.

Legislative Committee
Richard M. Secor, D.O., Chair
The Legislative Committee shall review all proposed health and business related legislation in each legislative session and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees as to whether such legislation should be actively or passively supported or opposed.

Following initial determination by the Board of Trustees, as to the position relative to proposed legislation, the Committee will take such actions and measures as are appropriate to achieve the intention of the Board. However, notwithstanding the initial determination by the Board, if because of substitution or an amendment, the purpose or function of the bill is changed and intent of the Board to improve public health or the practice environment of osteopathic physicians is thwarted, then the Committee shall react appropriately.

The Committee shall accept the proposals of the Board of Trustees relative to new legislation and coordinate introduction and direction of such bills through the Executive Director.

Medical-Legal Committee
Bruce R. Williams, D.O., Chair
The Medical-Legal Committee shall meet periodically with similar committees representing the legal profession and other health professions for the purpose of facilitating the growing interrelationship of law and health care delivery. The Committee shall assist with problems encountered by MAOPS members with members of the legal profession, subject to the principles of legal and medical ethics, as outlined in the Interprofessional Code of Physicians and Attorneys, as adopted by MAOPS; The Missouri Bar and the Missouri State Medical Association.

Where the Committee determines in its judgment a continuing pattern of misconduct by a MAOPS member interfering with the generally good relationship with the legal profession, or injurious to a patient, then the Committee shall file a grievance with the appropriate MAOPS committee with recommendations as to actions which would terminate and correct such conduct.

Membership & Public Relations Committee
Timothy W. Jennings, D.O., Chair
Kenneth E. Ross, D.O., Co-Chair
The purpose of the Membership Committee is to develop and implement programs to increase and maintain membership and involvement in the Association.

The Committee shall evaluate membership levels, qualifications and benefits, and advise the Executive Committee on recommendations of the Committee to be acted upon by the Board of Trustees.

The Membership Committee will also serve as the Public Relations committee, whose purpose and function shall be education of the public as to the osteopathic profession and create an image intended to improve acceptance of the profession and its members by the public. The Committee, under the general direction and policy of the President and Board of Trustees, shall formulate, plan and implement the public relations and education projects and activities of the Association. Such projects and activities shall be approved by the Board of Trustees prior to implementation. The Committee shall review activities and projects of all other committees of this Association, as well as those affiliated organizations, to assure coordination.

Payer Relations
D. Petry, D.O., FACOFP, Chair
The purpose of the Committee is to review member, staff and patient concerns with third party payer issues and seek resolution by affecting policy changes, rules, regulations and laws, and to work toward developing a working relationship with the Missouri Departments of Insurance, managed care organizations, private insurance and consumer groups to discuss issues negatively impacting quality medical care.

The Payer Relations Committee also serves as the Medicaid/Medicare Committee to avoid overlap of issues and shall represent the Association and members relative to the procedures, function, coverage, and reimbursement under the Title XIX Missouri Medicaid Program. The Committee shall, subject to general instructions of the Board of Trustees, negotiate and communicate with the Division of Family Services, Missouri Department of Social Services, and/or other appropriate state agencies, relative to improvement of the program on behalf of the Medicaid recipients in Missouri and physicians providing health services. In the course of such activity, the Committee may coordinate with other professional associations involved in the health care delivery system and with the MAOPS Legislative Committee to achieve the purposes and goals outlined.

Physician Health Committee
Jeffrey L. Dryden, D.O., FACOI, Chair
Timothy W. Jennings, D.O., Co-Chair
The mission of this Committee is to develop, establish or endorse an intervention and monitoring treatment program to be utilized by osteopathic physicians affected, dependent or impaired with a chemical dependency.

The Committee shall actively participate in the coordination and management of the MAOPS Physician Health Program and/or the MAOPS endorsed programs.

Physician Licensure Advisory Committee
Bruce R. Williams, D.O., Chair
The purpose of this Committee is to give assistance and suggestions to members of the Association and their attorney, who request assistance for a complaint or investigation by the Board of Registration for the Healing Arts, and/or meetings with the Board of Registration for the Healing Arts to discuss professional issues.

Public Health Committee
The purpose of this Committee is to monitor the activities of public health departments and/or state agencies developing programs which provide health care to the citizens of Missouri, identify the impact on MAOPS members, and review policies and legislative activities of said agencies.

After thorough review, the Committee shall refer its recommendations to the Executive Committee for further action.

Strategic Planning Committee
Neal G. LaPointe, D.O., Chair
The purpose of this Committee was to formulate a mission statement, goals and objectives for the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons.

The Committee meets annually to evaluate and update the strategic plan and review the Association's effectiveness in obtaining the goals and objectives formulated and make further recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

Women Physicians Committee
Victoria A. Damba, D.O., Chair
The Committee meets to discuss female physicians' unique professional issues and issues relating to improving women's health. The Committee shall make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on mechanisms to increase the involvement of female physicians in MAOPS and impacts on improving women's health in Missouri.

Young Physician Committee
Jeffrey D. Davis, D.O., Chair
The purpose of the Committee shall be to discuss special concerns of the physicians new to practice and recommend to the MAOPS Board of Trustees for consideration and/or action areas which should be addressed to meet the needs of newly practicing MAOPS members; to assure the Association is meeting its obligations to all physicians practicing in Missouri; and to encourage increased numbers of young physicians in practice 10 years or less to become involved in organized osteopathic medicine in Missouri, MAOPS.

William L Wetzel Education & Research Foundation

Scholarship Committee
Rex O. Lee, D.O., Chair
The Committee establishes guidelines, criteria and the selection process to assure student scholars are selected in order to meet the goals of the Foundation: to prepare students for leadership positions in organized osteopathic medicine.

The Committee reviews scholarship applications and takes an active role in the interview process and final selection of Wetzel scholars.

The Committee establishes and oversees all programs relating to scholarship funding for students and post-graduate physicians.

Ad Hoc Committee
Ad Hoc Committees are normally appointed by the President and approved by the Board of Trustees. Ad Hoc Committees are established to address needs of the members/Association, however, are not listed as a standing committee in the Bylaws.

At this time, MAOPS has the following Ad Hoc Committees:

Contracted Physicians/Practice Management Committee
Bruce R. Williams, D.O.
The Contracted Physicians/Practice Management Committee is a mechanism for employed/contracted physicians to discuss issues which arise in their daily practice, impacted by the employment status. To discuss potential concerns with their employment status and the positive aspects, as well.

To assess how MAOPS may assist physicians to establish solo or small group practices in the complex health system.

To serve as a facilitator, educational and informational source.

To prepare recommendations to the Board to assure MAOPS meets the physicians' and patients' needs, protect the physicians' practice decisions, etc.

Federal Legislative, Rules & Regulations Committee
Joseph M. Yasso, D.O., FACOFP, Chair
The Federal Legislative Committee's purpose is to review legislation, rules and regulations at the federal level which impact physicians, the osteopathic community and health care.

Guide the staff in developing a position and reacting to assure osteopathic input.

The Committee takes recommendations to the Board of Trustees and reports to same.
  • All MAOPS Committees and Task Forces submit an annual report to the House of Delegates.
  • Task Forces are established at the recommendation of the Executive Committee and on approval of the Board of Trustees. Normally, Task Force(s) are established to discuss and resolve a specific area of concern. Once the area of concern is resolved, the Task Force is dissolved.

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