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The Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons takes care of osteopathic physicians while they take care of patients.

How? The Association...

1) has a daily presence at the Capitol, serving as your spokesman and testifying on pertinent legislation.

2) monitor all bills filed and provide the information to leadership and members so that they can make decisions on medicine’s position.

3) initiate legislation to improve patients’ medical care and physicians’ practice environment.

4) provide information to members on issues important to their practice, profession and patients.

5) attend meetings with legislators, state agencies, and third party payors making policy decisions impacting medicine and medical care of patients.

6) work to gain fair reimbursement for physicians by Medicaid, Medicare and third party payors.

7) responds to entities who are not recognizing osteopathic post-graduate training and certification, or following the statute on this issue.

8) provides continuing medical education opportunities for osteopathic physicians.

9) represents Missouri physicians at the American Osteopathic Association meetings.
  10) works with the AOA on federal legislation and contacts the Missouri federal legislators on issues pertinent to Missouri physicians.

11) has staff who answer physician questions on a variety of issues or seek the answers to their questions and respond appropriately.

12) has student and resident scholarship programs to develop leaders for the profession.

13) has a Physician Health Program to assist physicians in overcoming impairments.

14) meets with other medical groups to increase physician visibility and maintain medicine’s integrity.

15) attends coalition, task force and other meetings discussing patient and medical issues.

16) meets with the Board of Registration for the Healing Arts regularly to discuss professional issues.

17) represents the osteopathic profession on the Drug Use & Misuse Task Force.

18) participates in the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) meetings held at the regional level, and conference calls by the national office.

AND, this is just a start on the involvement of the Association, working to take care of osteopathic physicians business, as they see patients and practice their profession.

Without MAOPS the osteopathic physician is without an advocate, a voice and representation, a fact which cannot be denied. If not MAOPS, WHO???


Brian Bowles, Executive Director
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