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Carol E. Kirila, D.O., FACOI
Kansas City, MO

Kevin P. Hubbard, D.O. FACOI
Kansas City, MO

Victoria A. Damba, D.O.
First Vice-President
Lee's Summit, MO

Robert C. Scanlon, II, D.O.
Second Vice-President
Springfield, MO

Rex O. Lee, D.O.
Immediate Past President
Rolla, MO

Richard A. Witte, D.O.
Speaker of the House
Raymore, MO

Jeffrey L. Dryden, D.O., FACOI
Vice-Speaker of the House
West Plains, MO

Richard M. Secor, D.O.
Legislative Committee Chair
Desloge, MO

Timothy W. Jennings, D.O.
Membership Co-Chair
St. Louis, MO

Kenneth E Ross, D.O.
Membership Committee Chair
House Springs, MO

2008/2009 MAOPS/WETZEL Boards Of Trustees

DistrictTrusteeAlternate Trustee
Central DistrictAlan M. Weaver, D.O.Mark A. Tucker, D.O.
Central Ozark DistrictLynn D. Hauenstein, D.O.Chris C. Conger. D.O.
Jackson County DistrictJoseph M. Yasso, Jr., D.O., FACOFPBruce R. Williams, D.O.
Mineral Area DistrictRichard M. Secor, D.O.Victoria A. Damba, D.O.
North Central DistrictJanice J. Goddard, D.O.Delos Clow, D.O.
Northeast DistrictRex O. Lee, D.O.Jerry A. Smith, D.O.
Northwest DistrictRandy S. Buckles, D.O.Alan W. Brewer, D.O., FACOFP
Osage Valley DistrictCarol S. Browne, D.O.Neal G. LaPointe, D.O.
Ozark DistrictRobert C. Scanlon, II, D.O.Randall E. Halley, D.O.
South Central Ozark DistrictJeffery L. Dryden, D.O., FACOI, CPEGlen E. Cooper, D.O., MPH
Southeast DistrictUnknownUnknown
Southwest DistrictStephen J. Bazzano, D.O.Renee A. Walker, D.O.
St. LouisKate R. Lichtenberg, D.O.Heather C. Williamson, D.O.
West DistrictKevin P. Hubbard, D.O., FACOIJames K. Stoneking, D.O.
West Central DistrictKenneth E. Jones, D.O.Thomas S. Spooner, D.O., FACOFP

Past Presidents

1897First State Organization formed by Dr. Minnie Potter
1898J. W. Hofsess
1899J. W. Hofsess
1900W. H. Eckert
1901Minnie Potter
1902W. J. Connor
1903W. F. Traughber
1904T. M. King
1905A. G. Hildreth
1906Homer Bailey
1907R. P. Walker
1908R. P. Walker
1909E. D. Holbert
1910E. D. Holbert
1911W. F. Englehart
1912W. F. Englehart
1913W. F. Englehart
1914T. M. King
1915A. Still Craigh
1916George J Conley
1917H. I. Turley
1918M. L. Hartwell
1919M. L. Hartwell
1920M. L. Hartwell
1921S. H. Kjerner
1922S. H. Kjerner
1923S. H. Kjerner
1924S. H. Kjerner
1925M. S. Slaughter
1926M. S. Slaughter
1927Eugene J. Brais
1928J. H. Hardt
1929Leon B. Lake
1930Leon B. Lake
1931F. C. Hopkins
1932Q. L. Drennan
1933Q. L. Drennan
1934Anita E. Bohnsack
1935L. S. Larimore
1936Walter E. Bailey
1937T. O. Pierce
1937Collin Brooke
1938Collin Brooke
1939Ottis L. Dickey
1940F. W. Zuspan
1941T. R. Turner
1942J. Lincoln Hurst
1943David A. Squires
1944C. A. Povlovich
1945W. M. Pearson
1946Benjamin S. Jolly
1947W. A. Rohlfing
1948Gus S. Wetzel
1949E. B. Whitmer
1950C. F. Warren
1951Sam Leibov
1952J. R. Dougherty
1953T. Corcanges
1954M. E. Elliott
1955C. L. Steidley
1956E. O. Fisher
1957J. E. Sommers
1958V. H. Casner
1959R. A. Michael
1960G. W. Ringland
1961G. H. Kroeger
1962Wilbur T. Hill
1963J. Myron Auld, Jr
1964Harry S. Still
1965P O Baker
1966Howard E Gross
1967John C Taylor
1968E O Martin
1969A N MacRae
1970C A Rohweder
1971C A Rohweder
1972E W Egle
1973Joseph M Yasso
1974Carroll R Wetzel
1975E L Slaughter
1976William H Voss
1977Phillip L Accardo
1978Jerry Thomas
1979James Clouse
1980G W Knapp
1981Robert E Henson
1982R W Hubbard
1983James R Stookey
1984G D Wohlschlaeger
1985George E Windsor
1986Stephen J Bazzano
1987Earl D Miller
1988Howard H Hunt
1989Joseph P Molnar
1990James E Canter
1991C Preston Chester
1992John A Strosnider
1993Joseph M Yasso
1994L David Linsenbardt
1995Richard A Witte
1996Robert C Woods
1997William T Betz
1998Neal G LaPointe
1999Richard M Secor
2000Kenneth E Ross
2001Elaine W Joslyn
2002G Donald Stillie
2003Kenneth E Jones
2004Carl G Bynum
2005Bruce R Williams
2006Jeffrey L Dryden
2007Timothy W Jennings
2008Jeffery A Kerr
2009Rex O. Lee

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