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+ MAOPS Organizational Structure

The Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians & Surgeons is governed by two bodies, the MAOPS House of Delegates and the MAOPS Board of Trustees.

The MAOPS Board of Trustees administers the Association on a month-to-month basis; establishes philosophy and positions on behalf of the osteopathic profession based on Association policy.

The Executive Committee consists of the President, President-Elect, First Vice-President, Second Vice-President, Immediate Past-President, Speaker of the House and Vice-Speaker of the House. The Speaker and Vice-Speaker chair the House of Delegates meeting.

Standing Committees are comprised of MAOPS members and are appointed by the President. The Committee Chairs must be approved by the Board of Trustees. Members can request positions on the committees. The President makes appointments based on member's desire, geographic area, and participation. The Committees discuss issues important to the profession and make recommendations to the MAOPS Board of Trustees on Association actions.

Members have an opportunity for input and voice at Committee, Board of Trustees and House of Delegates meetings.

Members of the Osteopathic District Associations have the opportunity to run for elected offices at the district level, or for a trustee or delegate position on the MAOPS Board of Trustees and/or MAOPS House of Delegates.

The Osteopathic District Associations have input and voice at the State Association level through their Trustees and Delegates. Each Osteopathic District Association elects a physician member to serve on the MAOPS Board of Trustees, and an Alternate Trustee; as well as physician members to serve in the MAOPS House of Delegates; two delegates and two alternate delegates.

Association Meeting Schedules

The MAOPS House of Delegates meets annually in conjunction with the Missouri Osteopathic Annual Convention. The meeting takes place on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning, normally adjourning by Noon. Special meetings of the House can be called to conduct emergency business during the year; however, this is not routine.

House Committees meet in conjunction with the annual MAOPS House of Delegates meeting.

The MAOPS Board of Trustees meet on a quarterly basis and in conjunction with the Missouri Osteopathic Annual Convention.

The MAOPS Executive Committee meets on Saturday afternoon prior to the Board of Trustees meeting on Sunday morning and as necessary to conduct Association business between regularly scheduled meetings.

The MAOPS Standing Committees normally meet annually or biannually. Specific MAOPS Committees may not meet, if their area of expertise is not required; other Committees will meet more frequently as issues necessitate.

Committee recommendations are submitted for approval and implementation, to the MAOPS House of Delegates, in the form of a resolution if it relates to Association policy; or to the MAOPS Board of Trustees if policy has been established, or on administrative issues. (Board Committees address specific issues; House Committees address policy issues).

Normally, Association meetings are held on Saturday and/or Sunday; meeting notices are sent 4 to 6 weeks prior to meetings, when possible and a reminder 2 weeks prior. Meetings are normally 2-3 hours in duration.

Awards Committee Budget & Finance Committee
Bylaws Committee Convention Committee
Contracted Physicians Committee Ethics & Professional Relations Committee
Executive Committee Federal Legislative Committee
Legislative Committee Medical-Legal Committee
Membership & Public Relations Committee Payer Relations Committee
Physician Health Committee Practice Management Committee
Public Health Committee Strategic Planning Committee
Wetzel Scholarship Committee Women Physicians Committee
Young Physician Committee  

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