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+ Our Physician Is A D.O.

What is a D.O.?

  • a D.O. is a licensed physician as is an M.D.

  • a D.O. is a doctor of osteopathy.

  • a D.O. has a degree in osteopathic medicine.

  • a D.O. graduates from an osteopathic college.

  • a D.O. can be a family physician or a specialist.

  • a D.O. takes an exam before obtaining a license to practice medicine as does an M.D.

  • a D.O. utilizes the scientific methods of diagnosing and treating as does an M.D., HOWEVER, their philosophy is different.

  • a D.O. places emphasis on caring for the "whole" person, reflected by the large percentage of D.O.'s serving as family physicians, "dealing with your total health."

  • a D.O. can provide an added dimension of healthcare, osteopathic manipulative treatment.


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