Think you don’t have a voice on issues that directly impact you? Think again! The Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (MAOPS) D.O.c.-A-Day Program was designed to not only give all medical students, physicians and advocates a voice, but to help build relationships with the elected officials who make decisions that impact the profession. Get involved by signing up today!

Meet and Greet

During a D.O.c.-A-Day visit, you will travel to Jefferson City and meet with legislators to begin building relationships with those who have the power to directly impact the profession through legislation. Participants also use these visits as an opportunity to proactively educate legislators about issues in healthcare and the profession.

By meeting with legislators on a continuous basis, a relationship is built between the parties making communication about issues, when they do arise, easier to broach with lawmakers.


A consistent presence at the Capitol teaches legislators to expect physicians there, rather than only when we need something.


All participants are briefed on “the issues of the day” and political climate before visiting with legislators.