Committees and Teams

Committees and Fast Action Teams (FATs) are the driving force of the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (MAOPS). FATs have replaced many standing committees. FATs allow us to more effectively address issues at hand. The FATs, which will be formed when a specific need arises, will perform their work (usually 1 – 2 meetings) and then disband.

Note: Members may apply at any time, but appointments are made annually by the President-elect and take effect upon their installation as President each spring. Terms are generally one year in length or until the next President is installed.

MAOPS Standing Committees

MAOPS AOA Delegates

Description: MAOPS Delegates to the AOA House of Delegates are responsible for advocating for Missouri DOs at the national organization. The committee reviews resolutions proposed by affiliates around the country, develops positions on those resolutions, then advocates for those positions during the AOA House of Delegates. Delegates provide the voice for Missouri DOs at the national level.

Meetings: Three MAOPS caucus meetings (one virtual, two in Chicago) plus attendance at the AOA House of Delegates (Friday – Sunday in July). While rare, a special session of the AOA House of Delegates may be called, necessitating additional meetings.

Annual Time Commitment: 3 hours of work prior to first caucus meeting, then 4 days (including travel time) in July to attend and participate in activities at the House of Delegates.

Requirements: Must be a MAOPS and AOA member able to travel to Chicago in July to attend the AOA House of Delegates.

Other: MAOPS provides lodging for Delegates while in Chicago, as well as several meals and a stipend to assist with costs of travel and participation. If you are detail-oriented and interested in how national organizations develop their positions, this is an opportunity for you.

Leadership Development Committee

Description: This committee is responsible for annually developing the slate of MAOPS officers for election by the Board, nominating Trustees for election by members, making recommendations to the Board of Trustees for the organization’s AOA Delegates, and selecting and monitoring the progress of Wetzel Scholars and Fellows. The committee also leads efforts on leadership development activities such as educational programming and identifying and developing engagement opportunities for members.

Meetings: 2- 3 annually. Most are virtual, but occasional live meetings occur at the annual conference.

Annual Time Commitment: 10 hours (3 meetings plus prep work, email communication, review of documents and programs)

Requirements: A MAOPS physician member for at least one year; willingness to serve as an adviser to a Wetzel Scholar or Fellow.

Finance & Audit Committee

Description: The MAOPS Finance and Audit Committee is responsible for preparing and reviewing the MAOPS and Wetzel Foundation budgets to ensure they are sufficient to meet strategic goals, assisting with audits or reviews, developing, and presenting financial information and budgets to the Board of Trustees, reviewing budget projections and reports from staff monthly, monitoring investments, and performing the annual review of the executive staff.

Meetings: 3 annually, plus monthly review of financials. One meeting per year is live and includes an annual report from the investment consultant as well as executive staff reviews. This typically occurs in August.

Annual Time Commitment: 20 hours (3 meetings plus prep work; monthly financial review, one live meeting including travel time)

Requirements: Strong interest in finance with a history of engagement with MAOPS in other capacities, including an understanding of the relationship between the mission, strategic plan, and budget.

Convention Committee

Description: The MAOPS Convention Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating all aspects of the Midwest Osteopathic Annual Convention. The committee is also responsible for monitoring both MAOPS AOA and ACCME accreditations ensuring all educational events meet standards. The committee has two subcommittees to work exclusively on virtual educational events.

Meetings: 5-6 annually, including one weekend in June.

Annual Time Commitment: approximately 25 hours, including the weekend retreat and responsibilities at the convention.

Other: All committee members must attend the summer planning meeting and the annual convention. Each must also plan to moderate educational sessions during the annual convention and assist in hosting events and registration at the event.

Legislative and Regulatory Committee

Description: The MAOPS Legislative and Regulatory Committee is responsible for developing the annual legislative and regulatory priorities for the organization, monitoring proposed legislation and regulation, providing direction to the MAOPS lobbyist and Central Office team regarding legislative and regulatory issues, and annually reviewing and amending MAOPS policies scheduled for sunset. While not a requirement, members of the committee are highly encouraged to participate in the MAOPS D.O.c.-A-Day program annually, support the Missouri Osteopathic Political Action Committee as a Capitol Club member, and become a key contact with their Representative and Senator.

Meetings: The committee is scheduled to meet virtually three times per year, with pop-up meetings possible. Email communication is essential as staff often requires input from the committee on legislative and regulatory issues.

Annual Time Commitment: 10 hours (2 hours per meeting with prep time, email correspondence between meetings, 3 hours of reference committee work)

Requirements: An interest in the legislative and regulatory processes and willingness to make the time commitment.

Resolution Review Reference Committee

Description: These committees are subcommittees of the MAOPS Legislative and Regulatory Committee with the responsibility of annually reviewing the sunsetting policies of the organization. All MAOPS positions are subject to review every five years. Each reference committee reviews a segment of policies scheduled to sunset for the year. Recommendations are made to reaffirm, reaffirm with amendments, or allow the policy to sunset. If certain policies need updating, research is done, updates are made, and recommendations are submitted to the Board of Trustees.

Meetings: 1-2 annually (Typically, most work can be done via electronic communication with one meeting)

Annual Time Commitment: 2- 4 hours (virtual)

Requirements: MAOPS member interested in policy development and willing to make the time commitment.

Virtual CME Committee

Description: The Virtual CME Committee focuses on the virtual CME program known as the VOC. The committee selects topics, develops curriculum, contacts speakers, and reviews presentations and the virtual platform before the VOC launches.

Meetings: 3-5 annually (virtually via Zoom)

Annual Time Commitment: 10-15 hours – This includes meeting prep, attending meetings, contacting speakers, email review of agendas, reviewing and revising Activity Planning Worksheets (APWs), reviewing videos for quality & to ensure speakers don’t show bias, and moderating the live VOC.

Requirements: Must have an interest in education and a desire to learn more about continuing medical education trends and accreditation.

Other: MAOPS seeks partners from around the country for the VOC, and it provides an excellent opportunity to work with physicians from outside the state. The team also works closely with MAOPS & OPSO Central Office staff, offering the opportunity to learn more about the association’s educational programming and the processes behind them.

Award Selection Team

Description: The MAOPS Awards Selection Team is a subcommittee of the Leadership Development Committee (LDC). Lay members of this team join some members of the LDC to review nominations for MAOPS awards and make recommendations to the Board of Trustees. The Team also makes suggestions to improve the Awards Program and actively promotes the program to ensure those within the profession deserving of recognition receive it. Members of the team also assist in notifying award recipients and/or presenting the awards at the annual convention.

Meetings: 1- 2 annually (virtual)

Annual Time Commitment: less than 4 hours (1 -2 meetings plus prep time)

Requirements: Interest in recognizing osteopathic physicians and friends of the profession and willing to make the time commitment.

Scholar and Fellow Selection Team

Description: This team reviews applicants for the MAOPS Wetzel Scholar and Fellow Programs, determines finalists, conducts interviews of finalists, and makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Lay members of this team will join select members of the MAOPS Leadership Development Committee for this process. Members may also be asked to serve as an adviser to a Scholar or Fellow.

Meetings: 2 virtual annually, plus some email correspondence

Annual Time Commitment: 6 hours (meetings and meeting prep, including one long evening to conduct virtual interviews)

Requirements: Interest in students, residents, and especially leadership development.

Young Physicians Network

Description: The mission of the Young Physicians Network is to provide students, postgraduates, and physicians under the age of forty with a platform to address their needs. The goals of the committee include, but are not limited to:

  1. Providing a venue to address patient and professional advocacy issues pertinent to young physicians.
  2. Provide educational opportunities, including leadership development, relevant to young physicians, including medical students.
  3. Provide social and networking opportunities for young physicians.

Meetings: 3-4 virtual meetings annually, plus live attendance at the annual convention to host planned events and welcome young physicians.

Annual time commitment: 8 – 10 hours, plus attendance at the annual convention.

Requirements: The YPN is open to medical students and practicing physicians under the age of 40 with an interest in increasing young physician membership and participation in the organization. Must be reliable, responsive to emails from the committee chair and staff liaison, and willing to attend the annual convention.