The mission of the MAOPS Young Physicians Network is to connect osteopathic medical students, postgraduates, and young physicians through social and educational events and by providing resources specific to their personal and professional goals.

Upcoming YPN Events

August 1, 2024

Social at Bar Vino in Jefferson City

August 16, 2024

Social at Springfield Brewing Company

September 12, 2024

Social at the DuKum Inn in Kirksville

October 12, 2024

MAOPS/MSMA Advocacy Workshop in Jefferson City

Direct Your Money, Don’t Let it Direct You Webinar


These webinars will be presented by Zac Schoene, an independent financial advisor.  Zac works to develop and implement custom financial strategies that are always in his clients’ best interests.  He strives to simplify complex financial topics and works to help inform his clients on all aspects of their personal financial lives.  He believes the key to long-term financial success is having a comprehensive financial plan in place to inform and direct all decision making.  This is done so you can direct your money and it doesn’t direct you.


September 26, 2024

Webinar: Don’t Let Your Money Direct You, Part 1

Zac Schoene, Financial Advisor

Part I of this two-part series will focus on emergency funding, debt reduction and changing your mindset from spending to investing.

  • Emergency Funding:  Let’s face it, your car is going to need new tires, your washing machine is going to break down and your basement is going to flood.  While the timing may be a surprise, things like this are going to happen.  Zac will show you how to make sure you have thought ahead and have that emergency fund ready when these challenges arise.
  • Debt Reduction:  You made it through medical school, you worked long, strenuous hours throughout your residency and now year one as a practicing physician is already half over.  Isn’t it time for that big vacation?  Maybe – but before you make those reservations, take a look at the long-term impact of taking that vacation money and paying down your medical school debt.  Zac will show you what postponing a vacation by only one year can do for you in the long term.  You will be amazed.
  • Changing Your Mindset:  That hot steamed cinnamon dolce latte with four cinnamon syrup pumps, whipped cream, two espresso shots and sprinkles is calling your name, right?  What if you took the price of that latte sixteen times per month, twelve months per year and invested the money rather than investing it in “the experience”?  What would that mean for you financially after 10 years?

October 24, 2024

Webinar: Don’t Let Your Money Direct You, Part 2

Zac Schoene, Financial Advisor

Part II of the two-part series will focus on the various types of retirement accounts and financial accounts and their purposes and cash flow.  Cash flow?  You are familiar with the terms income statement and balance sheet – but that is just for your business, right?  Not true – Zac will show you why you need to keep a personal income statement and balance sheet and how it will help you achieve your financial goals.