The Missouri Osteopathic Political Action Committee (MOPAC) was established in 1978 to give Missouri osteopathic physicians a voice at the Missouri State Capitol. Physician contributions are used to assist legislative candidates who are supportive of the profession, physicians and patients, provide a daily presence at the State Capitol and support advocacy programs and efforts, like D.O.c-A-Day.

How does the program help osteopathic physicians?

Keeping informed about the osteopathic profession helps to prepare physicians when an issue arises that needs action. As a profession, we must ensure that those elected have the best interests of patients, physicians and the healthcare of Missourians in mind. MOPAC works to elect and re-elect pro-physician, pro-patient legislators by contributing to the campaigns of those with a history and/or platform showing support of the profession.

How can I get involved?

Donate – Consistent physician support is the only way MAOPS can advocate for the profession. Without the voluntary support of the osteopathic physicians of Missouri, representation of the profession would not be possible.

Stay Informed – Read MAOPS legislative updates sent via email.

Respond – Member alerts will be sent when physicians are needed to mobilize and contact their legislators. Your voice makes a difference!

Participate – This is the single most effective way to ensure the voice of the profession is heard. Take one day per year to visit the State Capitol and advocate for your profession through the D.O.c.-A-Day program.

Share Information – Don’t let your colleagues be apathetic! Continuously stress the importance of advocacy and their obligation to their patients and profession. Let them know about all the things MAOPS and MOPAC can do for them!

Recognition – The MOPAC Capitol Club recognizes members who generously and consistently contribute to MOPAC.