Engagement Opportunities

MAOPS is a member-driven organization. What does this mean? It’s simple – all decisions, policies, and aspects of the association, from our position on legislative issues and when the annual conference occurs to who serves as President and Executive Director are ultimately made by the members. In other words, we don’t exist without YOU!

MAOPS mission is to advance the distinct philosophy and practice of osteopathic medicine. It is up to members to ensure that this occurs. Members elect the Board of Trustees which develops a strategic plan to ensure the mission is pursued. Committees composed of volunteer members develop specific programs, policies and positions based on the Board’s strategic directives. The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring that the staff operates within policy to implement the strategic plan on an administrative level.

MAOPS wants all members actively engaged because it is only when all members are engaged that the organization can truly represent them.

What opportunities does MAOPS offer for engagement?

Not everyone can commit to the organization at the highest levels – serving as an officer or Board member. However, there are many important opportunities that take little time. Often, after engaging at these levels, members decide they would like to be involved at higher levels. To help you decide at what level(s) you want to contribute, the following ideas are provided in three areas. Level 1 – Low Time Commitment, Level 2 – Moderate Time Commitment, and Level 3 – High Time Commitment. 

One hour or less
Less than 10 hours annually

11+ hours annually