Level 1 Engagement

These activities usually require less than one hour annually.

Respond to surveys and "calls to action."

MAOPS consistently sends out quick surveys and “calls to action” in our newsletter and email. Member responses are crucial to ensuring we have the information necessary to advocate for you.

Ensure your member profile is updated annually and provide detailed information so we can better understand member demographics.

Providing all the details requested in your profile helps us better understand our members so we can better serve you.

Read the e-Prognosis.

As our primary form of communication, just the simple act of skimming through it will ensure you are up-to-date on issues important to you, the profession and the organization. It also ensures you have a voice on important issues.

Follow, like, share, and comment on our social media posts.

Engaging with us on social media and sharing content helps expand our reach to other physicians and patients. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

Make an annual donation to support student scholarships or the political action committee.

Donations support many of our programs including the Scholar and Fellow programs for students and residents. MOPAC donations help us enhance our influence in the political arena. Click here to see all of our donation campaigns through the Wetzel Foundation.

Contact us to let us know about news in your area: issues, deaths, births, awards, etc.

As a member-driven association we rely on YOU to tell us the news in your area. Don’t be shy! We can then share it through one of our mechanisms.

Make an award nomination.

Recognizing those who have made a difference in the profession and others’ lives is important! Take the time to think about physicians in your life that have had a major influence on the community or with colleagues.

Attend a district event.

District events offer opportunities to make personal connections during a time when social media and virtual meetings are commonplace. Take a student and/or resident with you and introduce them to colleagues.

Recruit one new member.

If every member recruited one new member each year, every DO in Missouri would be a part of our community. Do your part to spread the word about MAOPS and the reason you are a member.

Attend the Annual Membership Meeting.

This is where your representatives to the Board of Trustees are elected…by members. Be a part of it and get to know leadership and other physician members.

Comment on policy considerations when opportunity exists.

MAOPS has a very open policy adoption process. All resolutions, both new and amended, are vetted through membership. Take time to read over them and comment…even if its to say, “I agree!”

Renew your membership automatically.

Signing up for automatic dues renewal via electronic funds transfer (ETF) ensures you enjoy uninterrupted service and saves the organization significant staff & financial resources. Contact ChrisB@MAOPS.org to set this up.