Level 2 Engagement

These activities usually require less than ten hours annually.

Serve on a MAOPS Committee or Fast Action Team.

Click here to learn more about MAOPS committees.

Participate in the MAOPS D.O.c.-A-Day Program.

This is MAOPS most impactful grassroots advocacy program. Set aside one day a year to come to Jefferson City and visit with your legislators about the issues facing the profession. Click here to learn more about D.O.c.-A-Day.

Become a Legislative Key Contact.

Invite your legislators to breakfast or lunch in your district. Get to know them on a personal level so when you really need them, they already know you. MAOPS can help you set up meetings. Click here to find your legislators. 

Serve as an affiliate leader.

Your district needs your help. Whether its to serve as the liaison to the Central Office, assist with putting events together, or establishing a scholarship fund, local district involvement can be quite rewarding. Click here to learn more about district leadership.

Serve as an adviser for a Wetzel Scholar or Fellow.

Scholars and Fellows are all assigned an adviser based on their common interests. Volunteer to be matched with one when a good fit comes about. 

Volunteer to prepare a presentation for a virtual or live education program.

Every member is an expert. Are you wiling to share your expertise with others? Consider offering to present on a topic you are interested in and knowledgeable about so that others can learn from you. Contact MAOPS Education Director Jeff Buthod if you’re interested.

Serve as a moderator for a virtual or live education program.

Formal speaking not your thing? Consider serving as a moderator at educational events, introducing speakers, asking leading questions, and ensuring the presentation goes as planned. Contact MAOPS Education Director Jeff Buthod if you’re interested.

Volunteer to assist at the annual convention or other live events.

The Convention Committee is always looking for volunteers to assist. Welcoming members at the registration desk, assisting with technology…we can find a way for you to assist. Just let us know! Contact MAOPS Education Director Jeff Buthod if you’re interested.

Participate in a MAOPS hosted event.

MAOPS hosts events for students, residents, and general membership throughout the year. Whether visiting the school to talk with students about policy or advocacy, visiting resident programs, hosting a resident dinner, or participating in a district bike ride or hike, your presence is valued and needed. Call us for opportunities or visit the calendar of events on the website. 

Serve as an Association Liaison at hospitals and large practices.

Association Liaisons promote membership to medical staff and recruit new physicians as they are hired. They also host an annual social/dinner event with MAOPS leaders, and inform students and residents at the hospital/practice of opportunities within MAOPS. Contact MAOPS Executive Director Brian Bowles if you’re interested.