Medallion Award

The Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons Medallion Awards are given in recognition of significant service by a physician or a layperson contributing to the growth, improvement or public or professional recognition of osteopathy in one of the five categories below. All physician candidates must be members of MAOPS.

Medallion Categories:
  1. Auxiliary Medallion: Presented for dedicated service rendered by a member of the Auxiliary to MAOPS.
  2. Osteopathic College Medallion: Presented for dedicated service to a Missouri osteopathic college, including administrative, teaching or research-related activities.
  3. Hospital Medallion: Presented to a hospital for promotion of osteopathic principles.
  4. Professional Medallion: Presented for dedicated service to MAOPS or a MAOPS Osteopathic District Association, and/or organized osteopathic affiliates
  5. Public Medallion: Presented for actions conducted by publicly recognized individuals who promote public acceptance and understanding of osteopathic medicine.

The 2023 MAOPS Professional Medallion Award recipient is Chris Paynter, DO, FACOFP. Dr. Paynter has led the development of a student rotation site at SSM in Jefferson City. Beginning in 2022, ten students from KCU were welcomed to the program. Dr. Paynter conscientiously oversees the program, ensuring that the students are mentored and have experiences to enhance their learning. This has included using the MAOPS office to ensure students received required OMM training and hosting Osage Valley District meetings with students invited as honored guests. 

Beyond his work with this new student program, Dr. Paynter has been the impetus behind a novel approach to the 2023 Missouri Osteopathic Annual Convention. His idea, which has been implemented, was to incorporate a real case study of a patient of his with a complicated presentation and using it as a common theme throughout the entire conference. After adopting this idea, Dr. Paynter has assumed significant responsibility for not only ensuring the program is successful but by personally volunteering to facilitate a significant portion of the event. Due to Dr. Paynter’s hard work and dedication, it is only fitting that he be given this recognition.

Joyce Spezia is the 2023 MAOPS Auxiliary Medallion Award recipient. Joyce is a staunch supporter of the osteopathic profession. Joyce received this award in 1980, but time has come and gone, and Joyce has once again shown her love and devotion to the osteopathic profession.

AMAOPS has been in existence for over 30 years. Over the years, Joyce has served in many capacities for the Auxiliary for the Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (AMAOPS), including but not limited to President in the distant past and President for the most recent years. In more recent years, Joyce assumed the role of President of AMAOPS when the Auxiliary was very much in danger of folding and ceasing to exist due to declining membership and lack of interest. The Covid shutdown did not deter Joyce and her efforts to continue to promote the osteopathic profession.

In her more recent years as President, Joyce’s passion to see AMAOPS succeed and not fold in today’s environment was very palpable. She was instrumental in having changes made to AMAOPS bylaws to bring them more up to date; she persisted in trying to resolve issues when they arose with the SAA on the Kirksville campus; she was tireless in her attempts to get an SAA going on the Kansas City and Joplin campuses of KCU; she accepted an invitation from the MSMA to attend one of their meetings on the KCU campus and there has been some ongoing communications between the two groups; she attended national AOA conventions: she and other members of AMAOPS on the east side of the state helped to reinvigorate the Auxiliary to the St. Louis Association of Osteopathic Physicians including having holiday gatherings to which students were invited to attend; she was in regular contact with the AAOA as issues arose at the Missouri state level and to seek assistance and advice as needed; and she virtually attended meetings of the National Council of State Advocate Leaders, which Council had been created by AAOA President Shane Halverson. All of the aforementioned just describes the major elements of Joyce’s role as President. There were, of course, countless agendas to prepare, telephone calls to make, emails to write and respond to, reports to complete, and spirits to lift up all while dealing with her own home, work, and family considerations.

Historical List of Medallion Award Winners:

  • 2023 – Professional: Chris Paynter, DO, FACOFP Auxiliary to MAOPS (AMAOPS): Joyce Spezia

  • 2022 – Osteopathic College: Josh Cox, DO, FACOFP Auxiliary to MAOPS (AMAOPS): Karen Balcer and Sandra Novinger

  • 2021 – Professional: Michael Brown, DO Auxiliary to MAOPS (AMAOPS): Melissa Jennings

  • 2020 – Professional: Gautam Desai, DO; Shephali Wulff, DO; James Stoneking, DO; Capital Region Center for Mental Wellness Osteopathic Medical School: Kent Campbell, DO Auxiliary to MAOPS (AMAOPS): Julie Williams

  • 2019 – Professional: David Bean, DO; Richard Still, DO; Richard Wetzel, DO; MAOPS Central Office Team Public: James DiRenna, DO

  • 2018 – Osteopathic Medical School: Marc Hahn, DO, FACOA; Craig Phelps, DO Professional: Robert Schwarze, DO, FAOCD

  • 2017 – Osteopathic Medical School: Robert Stephens, PhD; Auxiliary to MAOPS (AMAOPS): Cheryl Johnston; Professional: Mark Pelikan, DO; Professional: Chris Bowles, MAOPS Associate Executive Director

  • 2016 – Osteopathic Medical School: Margaret Wilson, DO, Dean of ATSU-KCOM; Auxiliary to MAOPS (AMAOPS): Glenda Accardo, AMAOPS Past President; Public: Mineral Area Osteopathic Foundation; Professional: Victoria Damba, DO; Professional: Lee Parks, DO & Jeffrey Dryden, DO, FACOI, CPE

  • 2015 – Michael Knapp, DO, and Marianne Klemm, DO

  • 2014 – Marilyn DeGeus; Des Peres Hospital; DOCARE International; Douglas Rushing, Ph.D.

  • 2013 – Peggy Taylor, DO; Tina Steinman, former BoHA Exec. Director; Richard Ogden, DO, FAAFP, FACOFP; Anthony D’Angelo, DO, FOCOO        

  • 2012 – John Dougherty, DO; Jason Haxton; Lori Haxton; Elaine Joslyn, DO; Lee Parks, DO;  Physicians Professional Indemnity Association

  • 2011 – Megan McBride, DO; Ken Jones, DO; David Joslyn

  • 2010 – Darin L. Haug, DO; Julie Lentz

  • 2009 – Don L. McCandless, Ph.D.; Chris Yasso

  • 2008 – Philip L. Accardo, DO; Robert C. Scanlon, DO

  • 2007 – Wilbur T. Hill, DO; Larry D. Kruse; Larry R. Ricci, DO

  • 2006 – Marilyn Nicka, Ph.D., R.N.; Delpha Slaughter; Bruce R. Williams, DO;
    Gordon C. Knight, DO; E.L. Slaughter, DO

  • 2005 – Bruce B. Peters, DO; Joseph M. Yasso, Jr., DO; John W. Philips, DO

  • 2004 – G. Michael Johnston, DO

  • 2003 – David C. Dyck, DO

  • 2002 – Anthony Minassale, DO; Carol E. Kirila, DO; Joe Maxwell  

  • 2001 – Kevin D. Treffer, DO; Gene P. Barbour, DO; Andrew Y. Chao, DO 

  • 2000 – Ruth Tucker; Frank R. Mohs, M.D.; Floyd E. Dunn, DO; Foy F. Priest, DO; Fred A. Couts, DO; James E. Zini, DO

  • 1999 – Ann Carter; Lauritz A. Jensen, D.A.; Jerry Paul; Vera Kramer  

  • 1998 – Mauretta Scheurer; Roxane Hubbard; Dan Jaco; Jack D. Bragg, DO 

  • 1997 – Connie Boyd; Howard W. Osborn, DO; Howard M. Levine, DO

  • 1996 – Joyce Spezia

  • 1995 – David A. Gardner, DO; Michael L. Kuchera, DO; Ernest L. Sjoblom, R.Ph.; Janet M. Bunch; Stephen M. Payson; Kenneth C. West; Glenda Accardo

  • 1994 – William G. Anderson, DO; Jack Auxter, DO; Clifford Graham; John P. Perrin, J.D.;
    James L. Wiebert, M.Ed.

  • 1993 – Laurence E. Bouchard, DO; Mary L. Butterworth, DO; Governor Mel Carnahan;  Cynthia Hix; Robert G. Ricci, DO; John A. Stronsnider, DO; William C. Sunderwirth, DO

  • 1992 – Edward A. Loniewski, DO; Elaine M. Wallace, DO; Merritt R. Fricke, DO; Doug Terry

  • 1991 – Gilbert S. Bucholz, DO; Senator Emory Melton

  • 1990 – Harlen C. Hunter, DO; Robert E. Madsen, DO; Mitchell Kasovac, DO

  • 1989  Robert E. Arnold, DO; James A. Barber; C. Preston Chester, DO; Marcelino Oliva, DO; Derell Taloney; William H. Voss, DO; Joseph M. Yasso, Sr., DO 

  • 1988 – Lee E. Davidson, DO; Wallace M. Pearson, DO; Marlene Wager, DO; James E. Williams, DO; JoAnn Hunter; William Unsell

  • 1987 – Mohammad N. Akhter, M.D.; P. Pierre Dominique, J.D.;
    James R. Stookey, DO

  • 1986 – James P. Cox, DO; Mary Jane Denslow; Howard E. Gross, DO; Eugene L. Sikorski, DO; Bert SerVaas; Sue Stees; Joseph W. Stella, DO; Harry S. Still, DO; Patricia Molnar; Normandy Osteopathic Hospital

  • 1985 – John H. Burnett, DO; Myral C. Coatney, DO; Harold E. George, DO; Larry D. McIntire, DO; Ron W. Lewis; Raymond M. Stevens  

  • 1984 – Roberta Beaudoin; Reba Hubbard; Helen Gardner; F.M. Walter; Arthur L. Mallory; John P. Perrin

  • 1983 – Mary Lou Butterworth, DO; Marvine E. Meck, DO; George H. Scheurer, DO; Keith Adams; Warren R. Betts; Roberta Henson; Joseph Reichart

  • 1982 – A. Archie Feinstein, DO; Max T. Gutensohn, DO; Ronald W. Hubbard, DO; Gerald J. Roderick, DO; British School of Osteopathy; Edward H. Borman

  • 1981 – Robert E. Henson, DO; Stanley N. Wilson, DO; Governor Christopher Bond; Melaney Chester