District Leadership Award

The Missouri Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (MAOPS) Osteopathic District Leadership Award is presented to a physician who has shown service to their district, community, osteopathic college or teaching program and/or displayed exemplary leadership by going beyond the expected to promote osteopathic medicine through any vehicle. The award is only presented when worthy candidates exist. Each MAOPS district has the opportunity to nominate and submit a candidate. The award is presented during MAOPS’ annual conference. All candidates must be members of MAOPS.

Historical List of Osteopathic District Leadership Award Winners:

  • 2021 – Kevin Hubbard, DO, HMDC, MACOI

  • 2019 – Jamesy Smith, DO; Nicholas Mayer, DO

  • 2018 – Allison Fischer, DO; Lancer Gates, DO, FACOI; Mike Spezia, DO

  • 2017 – Sarah Potter, DO, St. Louis; St. Louis District Task Force Members

  • 2016 –  Mark Pelikan, DO, Timothy Jennings, DO, John Dubois, DO, FACOI, and Anthony D’Angelo Jr., DO, FACOO, all from the St. Louis Association of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons; Victoria Damba, DO, Mineral Area Osteopathic District; and Michael Brown, DO, Kansas City Regional Osteopathic Medical Association

  • 2014 – Kim Perry, DO, FACOEP, St. Louis; Laura Hempstead, DO, Kansas City

  • 2013 – Kent Blanke, DO, FACOS Northeast, Timothy Jennings, DO, St. Louis; Gary Michael Johnston, DO, MACOI Jackson County

  • 2012 – Dale Chapman, DO, West Central; Laura Hempstead, DO, Jackson County; Renee Walker, DO, Southwest; Richard Winder, DO, Mineral Area

  • 2010 – Joseph F. Gialde, DO, West

  • 2009 – Hugh A. Schuetz, DO, Central Ozark; Kate R. Lichtenberg, DO, MPH, FAAFP, St. Louis

  • 2008 – Dennis N. Morrison, DO, Ozark

  • 2007 – Kevin D. Treffer, DO, Jackson County; Donald E. Shoup, DO, Central

  • 2006 – Rex O. Lee, DO, Northeast

  • 2005 – C. Lee Parks, DO, St. Louis; L. David Linsenbardt, DO, Osage Valley; George H. Scheurer, DO, Northeast; Phyllis L. Sullivan, DO, Jackson County; Wilbur T. Hill, DO, FACOFP, dist., West

  • 2004 – Carol E. Kirila, DO, Jackson County

  • 2003 – Robert E. Masterson, DO, Jackson County

  • 2002 – James A. DiRenna, Jr., DO, Jackson County

  • 2001 – E.L. Slaughter, DO, St. Louis; William C. Sunderwirth, DO, Ozark; Donna K. McCluskey, DO, Osage Valley; Bruce R. Williams, DO, Jackson County; Jeffery A. Kerr, DO, Central Ozark; Todd McCluskey, DO, Osage Valley

  • 2000 – C. Robert Warbritton, DO, Central; John D. Baurichter, DO, West Central

  • 1999 – Elaine W. Joslyn, DO, Jackson County; Delbert E. Maddox, DO, Northeast

  • 1998 – Fred C. Warren, DO, Ozark; Owen L. Woodward, DO, Northeast; I.E. Kilbane, DO, Southwest; Richard M. Secor, DO, Mineral Area

  • 1997 – Richard P. Valuck, DO, Northeast; William H. Voss, DO, Osage Valley