When you navigate to your profile within the new database, you will want to look for something called “My List.” “My List” is under your name and contact information – and hopefully your photo which you uploaded when you initially logged in (hint hint). My List is just like your honey-do list or your grocery list. It is a reminder list of ALL upcoming MAOPS “stuff” that involves you! So you will see upcoming committee meetings (for those committees you volunteered for), upcoming or currently-in-process CME events you have registered for, and upcoming district socials you are invited to attend. Simple, huh? Maybe this tab should have been called “No More Searching”, because now there is no more searching for the email that confirms your registration for a CME event! There is no more searching for your upcoming committee meeting dates or times or the Zoom link. There is no more searching for that social you are wanting to attend. And that colleague that you want to bring to the social? Just have him or her login to their profile and that district social will be in their “My List”. SIMPLE, SIMPLE and MORE SIMPLE!