With our new website and database, you will get an Amazon-like experience!

  • Credit cards used will be held so that you simply select the one you want. You don’t have to find your wallet, pull out your credit card, key in the card number whoops – fix that card number because you keyed it in wrong whoops again you need to dig that card out again because you forgot to input the three-digit CVV number….you get the idea.

  • Your addresses – including any address you use while updating your profile or while paying for anything will be retained in the system. We know you use personal credit cards sometimes and business credit cards at other times, and the addresses tied to those cards are different. Simply choose your card and address – it only takes a couple of clicks once your information is inputted.

  • Want to pay by eCheck/ACH? That option is available to you!

  • Want to pay membership while you are in the system? No problem! It is SIMPLE!

  • Want to make a monthly donation rather than having one big charge hit your credit card or bank account? No problem! Any donation (or dues payment) can be split into monthly or quarterly payments. Want to do the same thing in the following year? It takes one click to choose this feature.

  • The payment options are vastly improved using the new system, and we know you will enjoy the simplicity of making necessary payments.

The other part of making payments is getting your invoice. You have access to your invoices 24/7. From your profile, simply choose All Transactions, and you will see invoices for any payments made within the system, including those payments made for CME programs sold through CMEPRN over the past two years!